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Wilson Confusing Teammates with Seahawks Codes

Russell Wilson left Seattle in the offseason but he is still using old Seahawks audibles while leading the Denver Broncos offense. And according to a former Seahawks and Broncos player, that’s confusing his new teammates.

Tyler Polumbus, a former offensive lineman who played for both teams but never alongside Wilson, told the New York Post that the Broncos quarterback was losing his mind out there. 

He said that Wilson was recycling old audibles from the Seattle Seahawks and that the new verbiage was confusing the Broncos as the players didn’t know the codewords he was using.

Broncos Coach Hackett Doesn’t See a Problem

Denver Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett confirmed that the quarterback was using both old and new codewords but that he was happy with him. 

Hackett said that Wilson had the freedom at the line and that they had built the system around him. Therefore, the quarterback chose which words to use depending on the things he saw and that was completely normal for the coach.

Hackett said he was happy with the way Wilson was following his instructions but that they all needed to improve and play at a higher level to get some wins.

The Broncos Have a Lot of Work to Do

Despite this not being a good look for the Broncos coach and Wilson, the reality is that the quarterback is now leading a new offense. 

So, he probably wants to make things easier for himself by relying on codewords and audibles he is familiar with. And, as long as the Broncos are not facing Wilson’s former team, the Seattle Seahawks, that’s not much of a problem.   

However, if Wilson’s teammates are not responding to his verbiage and are finding it hard to follow his instructions, that probably means both the coach and the quarterback have some work to do.

And that is only one of the things they need to improve on. The Broncos are 3-6 after nine games and are rock-bottom in the NFL when it comes to points scored. Wilson started eight of those games, and with just three wins, he is on course to get the lowest touchdown passes numbers and completion percentages in his career.