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NFL Betting 2021 Season: Kansas City Chiefs to have the worst record?

In the betting industry, the sharps are the ‘genesis” of the betting world and the public “who are the everyday average betting joe.” Lastly, some enjoy giving money away for free due to having the worst bets on planet earth. Well, it’s time to meet some of those today. Two people went to BetMGM and put money down on the Kansas City Chiefs for being the worst team in football for the 2021-22 season. Of course, to be the worst team, they must finish with the worst record. Friendly reminder this was the team that was just in the Super Bowl last season. 

Below are the two bets that were placed with insane and, more importantly, laughable odds. But hey, at least the payout looks dreamable.

  • $100 to win $50,000 on Chiefs +50000
  • $15 to win $37,500 on Chiefs +250000

The payoffs are life-changing, but there’s no chance those tickets will hit. 

It’s also important to note that the Chiefs have the highest season win total amongst the other NFL teams. This means that Vegas is predicting them to have the most wins this upcoming regular season for those average joes out there. It’s doubtful the Chiefs will be the worst team, especially with Andy Reid being the head coach for the Chiefs with an impressive 91-37 record. 

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