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Jefferson Defies the Laws of Gravity

Back in July Justin Jefferson said that people will soon think of him as the best NFL wide receiver. After his performance in the Vikings’ 33-30 overtime victory against the Buffalo Bills, few can doubt his offseason claim.

Against the Bills, Jefferson notched 193 receiving yards, the most in his career. He also scored two touchdowns and caught ten balls, including a crucial fourth-quarter catch destined to dominate NFL highlight reels for years to come.

20th Career Game with 100+ Receiving Yards

After the game, reporters asked Jefferson if he still thought that this was the season when everyone will think of him as the best NFL wideout. With a big smile on his face, Jefferson answered “Of course, of course,” and added that his performance against the Bills was a clear statement.

Jefferson’s 193 receiving yards marked the 20th career game with 100+ receiving yards. In doing so, he is now the player with the most 100-plus games in the first three NFL seasons. Before the Bills game, Jefferson was tied with Odell Beckham and Randy Moss.

An Amazing One-Hand, 32-Yard Catch

Against the Bills, Jefferson played the perfect game and each of his 10 catches was worthy of an in-depth slow-motion analysis. However, as spectacular as most of those catches were, one was in a league of its own. 

Deep in the fourth quarter and with two minutes left on the clock, Minnesota was behind and on 4th-and-18. The Vikings had no other option but to go long. 

Fortunately, Jefferson was there to produce a one-hand, 32-yard catch that defied the laws of gravity and seems more impossible each time you look at it. The fact that Buffalo cornerback Cam Lewis was all over Jefferson and closer to catching the ball made the one-hand scoop even more outrageous.

Coach O’Connell: “A Special, Special Player”

Minnesota Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell was full of praise for the wide receiver pointing out that only a few could make that catch. O’Connell said that it was “one of the more remarkable catches” that he had ever seen and that Jefferson was “a special, special player.”

The coach added that he was really proud of how his wideout coped with the “different looks” and “different coverages” he had to face throughout the season. According to O’Connell, against the Bills, Jefferson never hid and showed up “time and time again” when the team needed him the most.

Interestingly, Jefferson had the best game of his career against the Bills, the team where the Vikings sent Jefferson’s predecessor and Vikings’ star wide receiver Stefon Diggs. 

Diggs is one of the people Jefferson will have to outdo and outperform to truly earn the ‘best WR in the NFL’ tag, and his performance against his former team proves that. The former Vikings wide receiver had an excellent game and caught two more balls than Jefferson. His 12 catches for 128 yards weren’t enough to save the Bills, though.