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Jaguars’ Team Have Had Enough of Urban Meyer’s Attitude

The Jacksonville Jaguars have only recorded two wins this season, so it is fair to say that the first year of Urban Meyer’s tenure is not going according to plan. However, if recent reports are true, coach Meyer is making the whole situation even worse.

According to a Tom Pelissero report, the coach that made his name in college football has had “multiple run-ins” with his coaching staff and players. Pelissero, from the NFL Network, reported that players and coaches had had enough of Meyer’s confrontational attitude, as well as his approach and style of coaching.

A Public Fight with Wide Receiver Marvin Jones

The report states that Meyer went into a public fight with one of his players and has criticized his coaching staff on many occasions. He also decided to hand out a punishment to one of the Jaguars’ best players, a fine many believed to be very harsh, while at the same time giving preferential treatment to a player he used to coach at Ohio State.

According to the report, Meyer has been on his wide receivers’ backs since the start of the season and one confrontation with Marvin Jones caused the veteran to storm out of practice. Members of the coaching staff persuaded the wide receiver to return, but once he came back, he and Meyer had a “heated argument”.

Giving a Former Player a Preferential Treatment

Another incident that took place last week was when Meyer benched James Robinson. The running back had a decent season last year but has failed to impress under Meyer and has been benched on several occasions. 

After the Jaguars lost 37-7 to the Los Angeles Rams, Meyer said the player was out because he was injured. However, many found that hard to believe because Robinson had returned to the game and even had a few carries.

Pelissero’s report confirms that the running back wasn’t benched because he was injured but as a punishment for a fumble on an opening drive. Robinson was replaced by Carlos Hyde, a player Meyer coached at Ohio State, and a player who had also fumbled this season.

Many Jaguars fans feel that playing Hyde over Robinson doesn’t make any sense, as the journeyman running back is nowhere near the quality of one of the best running backs the Jaguars have. 

On one occasion, quarterback Trevor Lawrence had to interfere and ask the coach to put Robinson back on the field, telling him he was one of their best players.

Doesn’t Treat Players as Adults

One of the biggest problems Jaguars players have with Meyer, according to the report, is that he doesn’t treat them as adults. That often happens when a coach transitions from college to professional sport, and that seems to be exactly what is happening to Urban Meyer right now. 

The report states that Jaguars and Rams’ players talked after the game, and some Jacksonville players complained that the coach treated them as college players and not professional athletes. 

And Meyer doesn’t have run-ins only with his players. During one meeting Meyer had with his coaching staff he berated their attitude and said that, unlike him, they weren’t winners

He even went on to ask each assistant coach to tell him what they had won so far in their careers and to defend their CVs.

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