What are the latest Unibet promotions?

Beat the Spread Bonus, 50% Super Boost, $30 free bets, and $600 risk-free bet are promotions currently offered by Uibet. When you bet on the spread of an NFL game this season, for each point the team you bet on beats the spread by you get $1 in bonus for the Beat the Spread Bonus. The 50% Super Boost applies to parlays in which you have eight-legs involved, if you win the parlay you get 50% added to the payout. Everyone who signs up for a new account gets three $10 free bets to use in which you don’t have to make a deposit. The $600 risk-free bet is offered after the initial deposit, you make a bet up to $600 on your first bet, and if the bet loses you get the money back in bonus money. More Info HERE.