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Aaron Rodgers Still Playing with Broken Thumb

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers revealed that he has been playing with a broken thumb since October 7. In an interview with The Athletic, the 2021 NFL MVP revealed that the injury he sustained in the Week 5 London game against the New York Giants was more serious than people thought.

Thumb Injury Isn’t as Prohibitive as Previous Problems  

However, Rodgers didn’t use the injury as an excuse for his below-par performances and the Packers’ 4-7 record. Rodgers, who is on course for a career-low passing yards season, said that he thought he had worse injuries than the current one and was used to playing through the pain. 

The Green Bay Packers star noted that the knee injury he picked in 2018 was much more serious than his painful thumb, especially when throwing the ball. The nine-time Pro Bowler also said that days off helped and was now feeling better.

Rodgers has endured his fair share of injuries but said that the broken thumb was a first. The quarterback had a broken index finger before he joined the NFL which he thought was worse than his current thumb injury and the multiple broken pinkies he suffered during his career.

No Need for Surgery

Rodgers was optimistic that he wouldn’t have to go under the knife to fix the issue and said the injury didn’t seem serious enough to warrant an offseason surgery too.   

One NFL quarterback that went under the knife during midseason was Dak Prescott from the Dallas Cowboys. Rodgers said that he didn’t know how serious Prescott’s injury was but that he thought it was more prohibitive than his. Prescott had a successful surgery on a fractured thumb and quickly returned to the team.

Not Looking for Excuses

But if Rodgers’ broken thumb isn’t the reason for the misplaced passes the player has been making this season, then what is? Rodgers missed several throws in the Packers’ defeat 27-17 to the Titans that he normally makes and that could have put the Packers back in the game.

Rodgers said that he couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason for his misses, but that the thumb wasn’t one of them, as it “has been the same since New York.” He even claimed that, during the game, he felt like he was “in a good spot” but that he didn’t have a good grip, threw a lot of “wobblers,” and that the wind didn’t help either.