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Aaron Rodgers In-Season Toe Surgery – Won’t Miss a Game

Aaron Rodgers recent interview with Pat McAfee scared Green Bay Packers’ fans that he might be out for some time. Rodgers said that he might need to undergo surgery to repair a fracture in his pinkie toe and that the surgery could be scheduled in-between NFL games. 

That came as a surprise to many, as the GB Packers quarterback didn’t seem to have any problems in his last game, and reports were claiming he wasn’t going to go under the knife for the injury he sustained while quarantined with COVID.

However, while on The Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers didn’t rule out the possibility of undergoing an in-season surgery to fix the problem. He said that even though the injury was not serious, he might have to have the surgery as it is only a minor procedure.

Surgery on Tuesday – Play on Sunday

Aaron Rodgers said that they were hoping that he will be able to avoid surgery. He reassured fans that if he does have to go under the knife, though, he wouldn’t miss a single NFL game. Rodgers added that not missing any game time was a prerequisite for planning any surgery during the season and that they would look at his toe next week to reassess the situation to make a decision.

However, there’s a slight problem with Aaron Rodgers undergoing surgery in-between NFL games and not missing any game time. The NFL calendar is packed for the Packers. They currently have a bye week, but since Rodgers is planning to reassess the situation next week, he won’t be able to use the extra time in-between games to recover from the surgery. 

So, what can the Packers and Rodgers do? Well, the quarterback is planning to schedule his surgery immediately after some of the games the Packers will be playing until the end of the season. He said that if he had surgery on Monday or Tuesday, he could have enough time to recover to play on Sunday.

Rodgers’ Form is Improving

Rodgers’ planning an instant return from surgery must be music to Packers’ fans ears. Another thing that will cheer Green Bay fans is Rodgers being able to play with a broken toe anyway. He has already done that two games in a row, in fact.

The quarterback said that he broke his toe while quarantined at home. However, even though he played with the injury in the last two games, he had no problems guiding the Packers to a 36-28 victory over the Los Angeles Rams and performing quite well in Green Bay’s 34-31 loss at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings.

Against the Rams, he threw for 307 yards and created two touchdowns and didn’t have any turnovers during the game. And even though the Packers lost against the Vikings last week, Rodgers had a decent game then too. He notched 385 passing yards, had four touchdowns, and once again, had zero turnovers.

It is evident that Rodgers is returning to his old form and the quarterback seems to feel that too. During the interview, he told McAfee that he felt much better this Monday than the Monday before. He added that the same was true for this Tuesday (the day of the interview) and the Tuesday before.

No Lingering COVID Effects

But it wasn’t just the in-season surgery that Rodgers discussed with McAfee. He also talked about showing reporters his bare foot and using his toe fracture to joke with people that he had a COVID toe. 

Rodgers said that he couldn’t believe that he had to explain his medical condition to everyone but added that he sustained a fracture to his toe and that he didn’t have any lingering COVID effects, including the COVID toe.

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