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2021 NFL Win Totals, Odds & Best Bets

The 2021 #NFL schedule is out, which means it’s officially time to start betting on the new season. First up, let’s dive into each win totals for every team in the league. It would be best if you considered several considerations before placing any win total bet, including travel, short weeks, matchups, and primetime games. Before your head starts to hurt on all of that critical information, let’s ease the pain with some free insider information.

Arizona Cardinals8 (-134)8 (+110)
Atlanta Falcons7.5 (-155)7.5 (+127)
Baltimore Ravens10.5 (-155)10.5 (+127)
Buffalo Bills11 (-106)11 (-122)
Carolina Panthers7.5 (+110)7.5 (-134)
Chicago Bears7.5 (+102)7.5 (-125)
Cincinnati Bengals6.5 (+118)6.5 (-143)
Cleveland Browns10.5 (+100)10.5 (-121)
Dallas Cowboys9.5 (+107)9.5 (-130)
Denver Broncos8.5 (-134)8.5 (+110)
Detroit Lions5 (-110)5 (-110)
Green Bay PackersWaiting on RodgersN/A
Houston Texans4.5 (+118)4.5 (-143)
Indianapolis Colts10 (+115)10 (-139)
Jacksonville Jaguars6.5 (+110)6.5 (-134)
Kansas City Chiefs12.5 (+123)12.5 (-150)
Los Angeles Chargers9 (-110)9 (-110)
Los Angeles Rams10.5 (+105)10.5 (-129)
Las Vegas Raiders7 (-115)7 (-106)
Miami Dolphins9 (-150)9 (+123)
Minnesota Vikings9 (+125)9 (-152)
New England Patriots9 (-130)9 (+107)
New Orleans Saints9 (+103)9 (-125)
New York Giants7 (-134)7 (+110)
New York Jets6.5 (+112)6.5 (-136)
Philadelphia Eagles6.5 (-155)6.5 (+127)
Pittsburgh Steelers8.5 (-110)8.5 (-110)
San Francisco 49ers10.5 (+107)10.5 (-130)
Seattle Seahawks9.5 (-134)9.5 (+110)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers11.5 (-125)11.5 (+103)
Tennessee Titans9 (-110)9 (-110)
Washington Football Team8 (-141)8 (+116)

It’s going to be nearly impossible for you to research every single team and correctly pick over 60% of winning win totals. However, do not worry. Here at Kruzey, we got your back. We will be going in-depth on every single team and providing a win total prediction along with expert insider advice. Before heading off to those predictions, let’s share our NFL win totals best bets of the 2021 season.

2021 Win Total Best Bets

There is one team in the AFC that can easily cross over their win total in 2021. You are probably thinking, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, but those thoughts need to leave because the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen are taking over the AFC. Last year, Buffalo went 13-3 in 2020, winning the division for the first time in over 25 years and nearly heading to the Super Bowl. Josh Allen will always be considered an early NFL MVP front runner as he threw for 4,544 yards and 37 touchdowns, both career-highs. Given the NFL regular season is heading to 17 games, Buffalo should finish with at least 12-13 wins.

Best Bet: Buffalo Over 11 wins